Funded Projects!


what's been funded?!

At the first Gefilte Fish Tank, the Young Adult Division Board gave several micro-grants to projects that will enhance Jewish life in San Antonio!

Here's an update on projects funded through the 1st Gefilte Fish Tank!

Hanukkah at SeaWorld San Antonio!

Coming together as a community to celebrate really is something special. Congregation Agudas Achim has  secured a special event and date with Sea World to host the first evening of Hanukkah, December 2 , 2018. There will be a special candle lighting there, dancing with some characters, and time for everyone to enjoy the park too.

UPDATE: Hanukkah at SeaWorld is December 2nd!

Come and celebrate the First Annual Menorah Lighting with your family and friends at SeaWorld San Antonio. Receive over 50% off of general admission to SeaWorld when you join us for our very first Hanukkah Celebration. Tickets are only $30 a person for the entire day!

We will all be able to enjoy the park all day on Sunday, December 2nd from 1-9 PM. Make sure to join us for a chance to celebrate the First Annual Menorah Lighting ceremony at SeaWorld San Antonio at 5 PM at the Bay of Play!

Get your tickets here.

Hillel - The Challah Project!

Shabbat is one of the focal points of Jewish life, where people can come together to gain a welcoming sense of Jewish community. Hillel San Antonio set a goal for the Challah Project to bake, deliver, and provide 100 challahs to the community in order to support 100 Shabbat meals. The Challah Project will empower people who don't yet have a consistent Shabbat dinner practice to build one that feels authentic and valuable to them.

UPDATE: Hillel students are planning their baking day and will deliver Challah to the community on a Friday. A Shabbat dinner is planned for students who are participating.

Film Documentary - The Jewish Oral History project

The Jewish Oral History project aims to answer a fundamental question about the Jewish Community in San Antonio: Why did such a small community have such an out-sized influence within San Antonio? That is, did San Antonio offer a particularly hospitable environment within which to thrive and, if so, what were the qualities of these initial founders and all who came afterward that allowed them to be so disproportionately successful for such a small population. The question will be explored through a documentary format featuring voice over, photos, interviews with San Antonio experts, and most importantly, interviews with many of those who have lived in San Antonio most if not all of their lives and whose understanding of the city and its history runs deep.

Given San Antonio's rich Jewish history, we feel that the film will serve as a permanent record of past culture, traditions, values, etc. and serve as a road map for the future for today's Jewish community and leadership. Additionally, when reflecting on parts of our history, especially the civil rights movement of the 1960s, one can see the invaluable role the interfaith effort played in helping San Antonio navigate such a tumultuous era. These lessons will serve our community well for years to come.

UPDATE: Production costs are covered and over 80 hours of interviews have been documented. The project is working toward a film screening in spring 2019!

Drawing Closer to Testimony by Artist David Kassan

Artist David Kassan has a unique way of presenting local Holocaust Survivor Testimony through the use of drawing, projection and audio. He started recording the drawing process that he uses to make paintings for his current series of Survivors of the Shoah.

He added on to his EDUT(living Testimony) Project  to edit the drawing process footage (each drawing is around 20 hours or so of footage) into time-lapses (sped up) that are around 15-20 minutes long with the voice over of the Survivor's testimony. As the Survivor emerges out of the drawing the viewer is more intimately connected to their voice and experience.  This past January, David was in San Antonio for his project, with the generous funding of the Light One Candle foundation, and was able to meet with 5 local Survivors. He took photos to paint from as well as filming little testimony videos.

He has finished drawing and filming Hanna Pankosky, a local Survivor. Here's an example of the work with survivor Andy Holten.

This project enriches Jewish Life in San Antonio by presenting the richness of these disappearing stories of survival that come straight from the local community.

We remember the past to light the way ahead.

UPDATE: View the trailer for Drawing Closer to Testimony!

Do you want to apply for a micro-grant? Apply with your idea to enhance Jewish Life in San Antonio & join us February 24, 2019 for the next Gefilte Fish Tank!